10 Gadgets 2019

This is a technology era and we are surrounded by technology equipment. Today we are here to show some of the top 10 gadgets for Desktop and laptops that works excellent.

All this gadgets are sure to make you work fun and empower the function of your computer. All this devices not only make the work more effective but also makes your work place look more effective.

Top 10 Cool gadgets of 2019

  • Laser Projected Virtual Keyboard

The very first gadget on our list is the laser projected virtual keyboard. This is a awesome device that makes your typing fun.

It is mounted to the USB of the computer and it shows the image of virtual keyboard on the surface. When the user touches the surface containing the letter, the laser recognizes it and displays it in the screen.

So it is a input devices that makes you like a pro typer.

  • Wireless Scanner Mouse

When it comes to Mouse its not the type of mouse that is used to move the cursor.

Wireless Scanner mouse is a device that is used to scan any file and make its pdf file to the computer. It easily converts any handwritten or printed file into pdf.

  • Fingerprint Scanner

Fingerprint scanner is third gadget on our list.

When it comes to security it must be hard to unlock. Fingerprint scanner does this work for you.

Now protect any of your important file or folder bu just locking them with your fingerprint.

  • USB port Blocker

Everyone is tired of the virus that gets transferred from using other removable devices like pendrive.

If you want to get rid of other from inserting their devices to your computer. Than this USB port blocker is for you. This small gadget is fiited to your USB port which blocks the pendrive or other devices.

  • Wifi Finder

This gadget can be very useful for those user whose desktop doesnot have wifi adapter.

This gadgets helps to connect to internet for desktop via wifi and for laptops it increases the wifi range.

  • Wireless floating Bluetooth Speaker

This gadgets is a portable bluetooth speaker that is meant to be floating.

It has a amazing design and play all your music while floating in the air.

  • Encrypted Password USB and HDD

This is another security gadget which helps to secure your harddisk or other devices by keeping a external password lock.

As it can be easier to unlock the inner system but it is hard to unlock the external passcode.

  • Laser gaming Mouse

This is the one gadget that every gamer must have on their PC.

It is different from other mouse because the 4G laser in it matches your mouse movement to exact pixel. Due to which you can have a great gaming experience from it.

  • Drawing Tablet

Drawing tablet is a gadget where you can write or draw anything you like. What you draw is shown in the desktop screen and can save it for it use.

  • Laptop Cooling Pad

The last gadget in our list in the laptop cooling pad.

Dealing with laptop overheating?

Than but a cooling pad which sites under your laptop and helps it cool down while you work.

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