Uses of Pendrive

We all have a external device like a pendrive. Pendrive is used for transferring photos, videos etc from one device to another. But wait is it the only uses of pendrive?

Today i am going to tell you some 5 cool uses of pendrive that you rarely might know.

Uses of Pendrive

  • Works as a Antivirus device

Did you knew that your pendrive can also work as a anti virus device?

Yes, it is possible to make your pen drive work like it. Just head on to AVG Antivirus website and install the antivirus on to your device.

After you install the antivirus you can connect it to your computer and search for any virus.

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  • Encrypt Pendrive data

We all use pendrive for storing data. But just pasting the data cannot be secure from other.

There is an application called Veracrypt which you can download on your computer and password protect your pen drive data so only you can access it.

pendrive uses
  • Works as a Key to open Computers

Behind trasnferring photos and other media, pendrive also works as a key to your computer.

Install a software called predator on your computer. It is a free tool and works awesome.

Next time if you insert the pen drive into your computer than only it gets turned ON.

  • A Bootable device

You got any problem in your operating system?

If yes than you can make your pendrive as a bootable device.

Head on to Rufus and there you get the option for making your device as a bootable device which only takes a few minutes.

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  • Your favourite apps everywhere

The last cool uses of pendrive is that it helps you to take your favourite apps everywhere you go.

Visit website called Portable apps, install it to your computer and you can put your favourite apps like the chrome, firefox etc to any portable device and enjoy where ever you go.

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