7 Photography Tricks

Photography is a field which is growing large with an increase in several photography tools. When it comes to camera accessories and camera they are very expensive. But still, people buy this stuffs spending lots of money.

Today we are learning how to click awesome pictures even with your smartphone that is nowhere similar to the expensive DSLR camera. Using this photography tricks you will be able to even click a picture look like taken from an expensive camera.

Every person should know that photography is not about expensive gears and accessories it is about the right technique which leads to our very first photography tricks.

10 Best Photography Tricks

best photography tricks

1. Donot Spend money on Gears

Many people think that only expensive gears and camera are able to take an awesome photo. But wait many people click perfect photo even without any of those gadgets or an expensive DSLR. I mean all it depends upon the right technique.

So better spending money on un-necessary camera gears saves it for future use.

2. Find a Perfect Light Source to Click

best photography tricks 2

When it comes to photography finding a perfect light source is very important. Placing a light source in front of you is necessary because it focuses the light on your face rather than the camera lens which helps in capturing better photos.

Some people tend to use flash-light as a light source in indoor as well as outdoor. But the flash-light or LED flash is now good in clicking photos as it only focuses on a small area.

3. Choosing Right Camera Setting and Mode is Important

The next photography tricks to follow is choosing a perfect camera setting. Some of the expensive smartphones and DSLR camera have this automatic feature. But for other, it needs to be adjusted manually.

best photography tricks 3

Also, many smartphones have commonly used Modes which are listed below:

  • Night Mode- This mode is specially made to capture perfect photos even in Nighttime. Even in a low light condition, you can click a photo with better details.
  • Portrait Mode- Portrait Mode is especially for clicking faces. It helps to recognize the face making a blurry background.
  • Wide Aperture- One of the reasons for using this mode is to capture exposed photos even in low light. It is also used when you want to take a close up picture of an object.

4. Use Rule of Third

This rule is used by professional photographers as well. Using this rule helps to click eye-pleasing, balanced and engaging photos.

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Rule of third

Basically, this rule includes 2 vertical and 2 horizontal lines dividing the whole frame into nine halves.

For more detail on this rule Rule of Thirds in Photography

5. Try not to Zoom- In

Zooming in to take pictures can ruin the quality of it. There are two types of Zoom- Digital Zoom and Optical Zoom.

Digital zoom is just a normal lens to help you zoom things but not have good quality. But optical zoom, on the other hand, is designed to take better images even while zooming.

6. Do not Shake your camera while Clicking

Shaking your camera while taking pictures while making your whole image shakky and Blurry. Holding the camera correctly with two hands is important to reduce camera shakes.

If you are not able to hold a camera without shaking better use a simple tripod which does this work for you.

7. Simple Background is Better than a Designed one

smartphone photography

Being simple is also the main photography trick. Distracting background like mixed colors, unusual wallpapers is not good inside the lens. A clear background helps to provide more details to the main object.

So if you want your image object to be caught go with a simple background color.


So by the end of this, you may now know how to click picture perfect images even from your smartphone. With this photography tricks, you can click mind-blowing images without any expensive gears and gadgets.

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