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A website known as AV-Comparatives has recently done a test on 250 android antiviruses that is available on the Google play store. The result of the test showed that only 80 of the antivirus were able to detect 30% of the malicious virus or apps. It means that two third of the Android antivirus is just a waste.

So, now the question is do we really need a Android Antivirus?

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Android Antivirus App Really?

The Android phone really does not need an antivirus. Although the android virus does exist they are by no means as prevalent as media outlets. Your device is in more risk of theft than getting infected by the virus.

Many people tend to download android apps outside of the Google play store directly with the help of chrome. But for such installing a good well-known antivirus is the way to keep them safe.

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There are hundreds of antivirus for android available in the play store but we prefer Bitdefender, AVG, Avast, ESET, Kaspersky, McAfee and Symantec.

Best antivirus does not mean that you will know to have a clean virus free device. It is common to have false result in these apps too.

Protect your device from virus

Some of you out there may not want to install any antivirus on their phone thinking that it slows the device and consumes battery rapidly.

For such people who do not want to install the antivirus but have a virus-free device here are some tips to protect your phone from android viruses.

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Never use a unrecognized apps

Lots of people out there who do not find their apps in the play store tend to download it directly from chrome.

Play store apps are 100% tested by Google themselves and guarantee no virus. But when you download it directly there is a huge possibility that it can infect your device with a virus.

If you somehow download it make sure you download it from a trusted site.

Never open Suspicious link

We all use social media like facebook, messenger, Instagram or WhatsApp.

Sometimes we get a link to some unknown site that we do not recognize. These types of link are often a phishing link or scam. Sometimes such link also contains a virus which can affect your device.

Not only on this social site but sometimes we also get these types of link in Gmail of your phone.

So be alert never open such suspicious link just delete it.

Insert virus free removable media

Now in today’s time many phone support OTG cable. What it does is that you can easily connect USB media to your device with this.

Because of this support we can easily transfer our files from android to pen drive or another storage device.

Sometimes if a virus infected pen drive gets inserted in the phone, the virus can transfer to phone too, so before inserting it you need to make sure it is virus free.

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Recent Test Proved it

A recent test was made in January of this year. The test included well-known antiviruses like the AVG, Avast, Kaspersky and 250 other. The device used for this test was the Nexus 5 with Android 6.0 Marshmallow and Galaxy S9 with Android 8 Oreo.

In order to pass the test the antivirus needed to detect more than 30% malicious apps that were installed. The result ended up with 23 among 250 detected almost every malicious app whereas the other 138 detected less than 30% and some detect nothing.


So, you really do not need any antivirus for your phone. Just be sure to protect it. But if you want to install one of them for safety use one of the well-known brands that will not only assure you guaranty but will utilize your phone memory consumption.

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