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Today we are back with another how-to article. We will be learning today how to hide or encrypt your files inside calculator.

Every one now a days owns their own phone. They do not want some of their files to be accessed by other. So in order to protect it they use several apps like the vault app but those apps are all visible to other and will be willing to open it.

What if you can still hide those files without letting others no that there are some important files?

Well, no one would ever think of hiding files inside the calculator. But there is an app called smart hide calculator which works as a calculator as well as a vault app.

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Smart Hide calculator is just a simple calculator but with a twist that it actually hides files too. You can set a password and just type the password and press(=) and you are shown interface with hide and unhide files. You can also hide (freeze) and unhide (unfreeze) apps if your device has a root permission.


Step 1: This app is available in both playstore and app store. So firstly download it from there.

smart hide calculator 1

Step 2: At the very first of opening app you are asked to type in your password to access the hidden files. You can also change it in the future.

smart hide calculator

Step 3: You are now shown a simple calculator interface, you can calculate mathematical calculations too. But if you want to access your hidden file type in the pass word and press =.

smart hide calculator

Step 4: After you enter the password you are shown with options like hide files, unhide files, change password and many more. Choose hide files and select the file you want to hide.

smart hide calculator

So, this was the simple 4 steps from which you can hide your files using the calculator vault app. Here are some of the features of this app.


  • Simple looking calculator app.
  • Hide and unhide apps (Root Required).
  • Hide and unhide images, videos, files.
  • If you some howw lost the password you can go to password recovery mode by pressing 123456789+987654321 and enter your secondary password.
  • You can also view hidden files without unhiding them again.

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