Are you planning to have Android-like experience on your desktop or laptop? Then you must have heard about bluestack through several research. Bluestack is an android emulator that gives the user to have Android experience in PC. However, bluestack being a heavy software it only runs smoothly in high performing computers. But no worry there are several other bluestacks alternative that you can install to have the same experience.

For those people who frequently have questions about what can I use instead of bluestacks? which is the lightest Android emulator? We have provided the top 10 alternatives for bluestacks which you can use in 2019 and be able to enjoy android applications and games on your PC.

Best Bluestacks Alternative for Better Experience

1. Droid4x Official


The very first android emulator on our list is Droid4x official. It is easy to use as it can directly download android apps into the emulator. It also works well with touchscreen PC so gaming from your finger will be a lot of fun. You can also create your own personalized controls and record your emulator gameplay. The best thing about it is that it is all free. Another best part for gamers is it has quick gamepad configuration so any game can be enjoyed from the keyboard or gaming pad itself.

2. Andy Android Emulator


Andy has similar features like Bluestack. This emulator being light it can easily run on low specs PC. It offers several features free of cost such as Phone as a controller where you can handle your PC screen from your smartphone, it also has full Android UI, Multitouch support and many more.

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Andy Emulator is specially designed for gameplay, so if you want some good gaming experience better download Andy Emulator.

3. Nox Official


Nox Official is another alternative to bluestacks. This emulator gets regular updates to fix minor bugs. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac users as well. The application supports gamepad, Mouse and Keyboard for gaming. Plus it also supports multiple controllers so multiple games can still be played from this emulator.

4. Remix OS


Remix OS is not only a single android emulator but is an OS replacement for your computer system. The application has support for Android 6.0 Marshmallow. The ability of the player to run smoothly even in low specs PC has made it the best player in the market. With several features, you get to enjoy control and performance like you would not get from your smartphone.

5. Memu Play

Memu play is another alternative for bluestacks. The emulator is really smooth and lightweight so it can perform on any PC. Like Andy Emulator, this application is also designed mainly for gaming. It also supports gaming consoles like keyboard, Mouse and gamepad to play games in the emulator.

The main feature about Memu is that it supports Intel and AMU CPU which bluestack and several other Android emulators still do not support.

6. GenyMotion


If you are an Android app developer than Geny motion can be useful for you. It has some awesome features that no other android emulator provides. With this, you can change your virtual Android ID/ IMEI/ MEID. Besides this, the applications have other different features like Accelerometer/Multitouch, Sms and call, Pixel Perfect, GPS, Battery which is used to test your app.

The emulator also works on ios, Windows, and Linux as well.

7. Youwave

Talking about the next bluestacks alternative is the Youwave android emulator. Many of you might not have heard about these applications as it is quite new. Although it is new it still has some good features, is free of cost and is lightweight. It supports Android 5.0 Lollipop, enables multiplayer online games, supports dynamic screen rotating.

At the moment it only has support to Windows XP/ Vista/7, 8, 10. Hope in future it will expand its compatibility to ios and even Linux.

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8. KoPlayer


Unlike another emulator which are designed especially for app developers or for Android like experience in PC. Koplayer is a specially designed gaming android game in PC. The applications support multiple accounts, keyboard, Mouse and Gamepad. You can also record your gameplay with this emulator. It is built-in Android x86 architecture which makes it run faster, smoother.



If you are having a hard time finding bluestacks alternative for mac than better check out QEMU. It is a free open source machine emulator and virtualizer.

10. Dolphin Emulator

Last but not the lease bluestacks alternative is the Dolphin Emulator. The emulator is free and easy to use for Android. It is specially designed for GameCube and Wii which are both gaming consoles of Nintendo. Plus it also supports online multiplayer, gaming devices, 1080p resolution, etc.

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Another best part is that it is fully compatible with Windows, ios, and Linux.


The above 10 applications were the bluestacks alternative for windows and mac. There is still a lot of alternative for bluestack but among all, we found this emulator to be more easy to use and more importantly is lightweight so low specs PC can handle them as well. We have also inserted the link to download this emulator in every one of their sections so it can be easy for you to download them directly.

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