Free Android Games

Everyone loves to play games especially free Android games. There are thousands of Android games in the Google play store and the App store. Not every game has the requirement, some needs higher graphics whereas some works on low specs device as well.

So today we have listed the 10 best free android games that are fun to play and works on any devices with low hardware properties.

Free Android Games

1. Alto’s Adventure

altos adventure free android games

The very first game on our list is Alto’s Adventure. It is a game by the Company Noodlecake Studios Inc. It is an endless snowboarding game where Alto and his friend explore the beautiful Alpine hills.

During the run in the wilderness, neighbor villages and ancient woodlands you will also rescue Ilamas, grind rooftops and perform stunts. In this game, you are able to test your skills with over 180 handcrafted goals.

2. Color Bump 3D

free android games best

Color Bump 3D is a simple color matching game by Good Job Games. The game is straight forward, do not touch the other color. It is fun to play and does not require a high-performance CPU.

The game has 300+ limitless fun levels till date.

3. Infectonator


Infectonator is an Armor Games production. Many other games are based on killing Zombies. But in this game, you are a zombie and should infect other people. The game works by dropping the zombie virus in a spot and see the zombie born and destroy the city achieving new upgrades.

The game is 56.7 large which can be a lot for low specs device but it manages to give more than hour gameplay.

4. Beach Buggy Racing

beach buggy racing

Beach buggy racing is in forth list of our free android games. This game is mostly loved by the children. The game is a free 3D racing where you collect coins and upgrade your vehicles.

Drive against a field of a rival, win the race unlock abilities, earn coin and upgrade your capabilities. The game has 15 race tracks, tons of powerups and amazing cars collection. It is 78.14 MB large.

5. Zombie Catcher

zombie catcher

Let’s go catch some Zombie and make a profit with Zombie catcher. This game is all about catching zombie earning points and getting rewarded.

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There are various types of zombie which give low points as well as a high point. Capture that zombie, ripe them in your laboratory and earn a profit. It is a game by Droid Gamers that is 79.08 MB large.

6. Manuganu 2

manuganu 2

Manuganu is a game from Alpha Sarikaya. It is basically a running adventure game with lots of brand new features and Actions. It is a 3D slide scroller game where you control the boy Manuganu from dangers. The players need to dodge the obstacles, run from enemies where timing is everything.

The game is 112 MB large so if you are able to install it in your device it can be a fun game to play.

7. Fruit Ninja

fruit ninja

It is a free and easy game to play. All you need to do is swipe your screen to cut down the trees but beware not to cut the bombs. You can also play through six minigames and use the Golden Apple to enter the Event mode where you will compete with other Ninja players and can win powerful blades.

This game is developed by Halfbrick Studios which is 79.54 MB large.

8. Score! Hero

Free Android Games

This game can be very fun for the football holics as it is a ball shooting game. Be the Hero by passing, shooting and scoring. The game has 600 challenging levels. Inside this game, you will experience split action, defenses.

The game is made by First Touch Games Ltd and is 89.72 MB large.

9. Stickman Fight

stickman fight games

Addictive game newest for a player with hardcore and realistic physics gameplay. It is extremely fun to play free android action game. Blow your enemies with your amazing skills and realistic physics.

The developer of this game is Stickman Tech, another good thing about this game is that it is only 28.13 MB large which is easily playable in every low specs smartphone.

10. Infinity Loop

inifnity loop 10

Infinity loop is a simple, relaxing and endless puzzle-like game. In the game, the player needs to create an intricate looping pattern or simple concept of joining multiple things ending up making it fun. The company says it is a relaxing game as it removes the stress out of the mind.

The game is only 8.85 MB large made by

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