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7 Photography Tricks

7 Best Photography Tricks Everyone Should Try!!

Photography is a field which is growing large with an increase in several photography tools. When it comes to camera accessories and camera they are very expensive. But still,...
Ransomware Attack

Ransomware Attack!!! How to Get Protected from Ransomware in 2019

A computer virus is one of the Hatest things for every gadget users. It does not only harms our computer system but also damages or even encrypts our important...
Create Google Adsense Account

Create Adsense Account without being Rejected

Creating an Adsense account is easy as you just need a fill a simple form. But sometimes getting approved for Adsense can be really tough for some people out...
PUBG Mobile Upcoming Features

PUBG Mobile Upcoming Update- Infinity mode|Nepal

PUBG is one of the top rated battle royale game of this era in the Google play store. For those who donot what PUBG is really about- it starts...
International Shopping In Nepal

How to do International Shopping in Nepal- Step by Step Guide

Shopping is one of every peoples favourite thing to do. In this 21st Century going out and doing shopping is kind of like old trend. The today's market has...
Smart Hide Calculator

Hide Calculator- How to hide your files inside Calculator app?

Today we are back with another how-to article. We will be learning today how to hide or encrypt your files inside calculator. Every one now a...
Android Antivirus

Android Antivirus: Do we really need them? Get Protected

A website known as AV-Comparatives has recently done a test on 250 android antiviruses that is available on the Google play store. The result of the test showed that...
Uses of Pendrive

5 Cool uses of Pen drive you didn’t know

We all have a external device like a pendrive. Pendrive is used for transferring photos, videos etc from one device to another. But wait is it the only uses...
Galaxy S10 Face Unlock

Samsung Galaxy S10 Face unlock can be easily Fooled

Samsung has just announced its new smartphone and the best of Samsung till now, the Samsung Galaxy S10. This phone might be the best smartphone for the Samsung users...
Online Shopping in Nepal

Online Shopping in Nepal-2019

As we all know that its the 21st Century and the technology has gone far better than the past. Likewise in terms of shopping technology has also made its...

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