Create Google Adsense Account

Creating an Adsense account is easy as you just need a fill a simple form. But sometimes getting approved for Adsense can be really tough for some people out there who run a website or even Youtube.

So today we will discuss the method which approved Adsense for my website and also you can follow same steps create Adsense account without being rejected by Google.

What is Adsense?

For those who do not know what Adsense is, it is an ad- platform service by Google which helps you to monetize your website or Youtube and earn Revenue from it. The way you get revenue is by the Adsense ads that are shown in your blog once getting approved by Google.

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Before Signing Up Requirement

Well saying this won’t be necessary at all if you have some knowledge about the Google Adsense. There is some requirement that you should have before signing up and getting approved.

  • A Website ( At Least 1 Month Old)
  • Brand New Email Address not associated with other adsense account
  • Minimum of 10 Post in Blog (Unique Post)
  • Simple and Easily Navigatable pages

This is some of the requirement you must have in order to signup for Adsense. After you have all the above list fulfilled go head to Adsense Signup and get started.

Many people have a query about can we create Adsense account without a website? The answer is No, you must have a website which you want to monetize and earn revenue.

How to make Adsense Account

Now, you have everything arranged for Adsense signup, head on to Adsense signup page.

Website Adsense
  • Click on the Signup Now Button once you Enter the page.
Create Adsense Account 1
  • Fill the Details such as your website URL, Email Address and click save and Continue.
Create Adsense Account 2
  • In the next page select your Country, tick the agreement and press Click Account.
Adsense without website
  • Now you are redirected to the payment section where you need to fill the details of the person who receives the payment. If you are only a person that click individual else click Business option. Fill all your address details and click submit.
Create Adsense Account 4

This is the last step in the whole signup process. Now you are requested to verify your site. Copy the code given in the <head> and </head> tag of your site header section. After that come back to the Adsense page, click I’ve pasted the code into my site and click Submit.

Now, you have successfully signed up for an Adsense Account. It takes normally a day for your account to be approved but in some case, it might take longer. All you need to do is sit back until it gets fully approved by Google.

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