Google Banned Huawei

Huawei a Chinese smartphone manufacturing brand is currently a leading brand in the mobile market. With its latest and most powerful smartphone Huawei P30 Pro it has set all other flagship devices in dust. But as the company was leading the Huawei Smartphones now seems to face a load of the problem from Google.

The largest search engine Google is a US based company. On May 15, the Bureau of Industry and Security of the US department added Huawei company and its affiliate as a national security risk. Means Google has banned Huawei smartphones so these smartphones won’t have any access to Google updates and services.

Huawei Smartphones Banned from Using Google Services

This news can be very shocking for the current Huawei users. The Huawei device has been blacklisted by the US government it will have no access to Google’s non-Open services and products. But still, the current Huawei users can have access to Android since it is publicly available.

Google Spokesperson says Google will not provide any security and updates for the Huawei Smartphones. However, the current Huawei users can still use the Google Play store and play protect. The upcoming devices won’t have any services of Google like Youtube, Gmail, Play Store, Chrome Browser.

Now as they do not have access to the Google famous services it can be really hard for the user to use the device. Although the Huawei device comes with Chinese Apps, it is still not as reliable as Google Apps. Some of the Alternatives of Google’s services are- Wechat a Chinese app works as Whatsapp, the Facebook alternative is the Weibo and many more.

Huawei Banned

As the Chinese company was making its way to be the number one smartphone company in the world this issue has impacted them a lot. Huawei Smartphones will now not be available in the US as it has been trading blacklisted in the US.

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The Pre-plan of Huawei seems to save them from this problem. Huawei has been already working to make their own Operating system in case it gets blocked from using Android. They have also claimed that the upcoming Huawei device will run on own OS.

For now, the Chipset makers like Qualcomm, Intel Corp, Xilinx Inc, and Broadcom Inc have told their employees not to supply any critical software and components until next notice. This problem does not seem to be a major one in China, as Huawei is a Chinese company has lots of built-in Chinese apps that replace Google services.

Also, the Huawei devices are not powered by Qualcomm processor instead with Kirin which are sub-brand of HiSilicon. The last year Huawei device Honor 8X max and Enjoy Max is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 636. Now it seems that from now Huawei won’t come with Qualcomm processors.

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