Google Stadia

We all love gaming but now Google has announced the future of Gaming known as Google Stadia.

There are some people out there who want to play a high-end game like the Fifa, God of war, GTA V. But for such people, the big problem becomes about the console. To play such a game we need powerful hardware so we end up making gaming PC or even buy a gaming console.

For such people who are gamers, game developer google has announced the future of Gaming known as Google stadia.

The project plan of Google Stadia sounds amazing when Google showcased the platform in Google Developer Conference. In the program, they showed playing Assassin’s Creed Odyssey playing in multiple devices.

What is Google Stadia?

Well Stadia is a cloud gaming service in development at Google.

If you got a normal phone, chrome book, Television, or even old PC then you can easily enjoy high-quality games up to 4k with 60 fps. If you are playing it on TV all you need is Chromecast.

How does it work?

You might be wondering how can such AAA game run on such an outdated pc or mobile phone.

Well, the answer is the main hardware is present in the Google database center. Everything is handled by their database, the only thing you see is only the visual feedback via the company’s Chrome browser.

The other best thing about this is the game developers can scale the data needed for the user and send it according to their requirement so you will end up getting high performance.

Google says that the main motive of this project is to free the gamers from the hardware limitations and play any game without having powerful gaming hardware.


Google will be delivering 4K resolution at 60fps they are planning to go further more at 8K with 120 fps in the coming future.

Google stadia can probably intimidate Playstation and XBoxes or even affect the sales of graphics cards.

During the announcement, Google has also announced to release it officially in 2019 but no one knows the date. Also, the device will be available to USA, UK, Canada, and other European country but slowly it will be worldwide like other Google services.

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