Gopro has launched its all new action camera, known as GoPro Hero 7. There is not such a huge difference in overall looks in this new camera compared to that of its previous version.

But it has several change in its software, one of the major upgrade in its software makes it the best which we will knowing today.

GoPro Hero 7-Specs and Features

The Hero 7 Black is the same as its previous camera i.e. the Hero 6. Every design is the same, the camera lens is still 12Mp and shoots upto 4k resolution at 60fps.

There are two special features in this Hero 7 Black that makes it best from the Hero 6


This first feature by the Gopro is a customer based upgrade.

Many customors of the GoPro requested them for a new camera with gimbal like stabilization. Although the company replied their customer it was really a difficult task to build a device with such feature, they managed to satisfy their customers.

During the launch of the Hero 7 Black they said “now the Hero 7 black is capable to have gimbal like stabilization as it predicts your movement and corrects for camera shake to provide smooth videos”.

Hypersmooth works in almost every video resolution except you won’t get in 1080p or 2.5k once you get to 120fps.

So next time you mount your Hero 7 black donot worry about shaky videos.


The second feature of the Hero 7 Black is the timewarp.

If you are confused what it means than it is like a combination of timelapse videos with hypersmooth stabilization.

Gopro describes it as “magic carpet ride”. You can choose speeds between 2x and 30x depending on the video time.

GoPro Hero 7-Black Design and Build

There is nothing new on the Hero & outer looks it is same as Hero’s previous camera.

If you might be wondering does this camera gets mounted on my previous camera mounts than Yes it will fit in your all existing mounts.

The camera is durable as it is waterproof upto 10m without adding an case to it. It gets a 2inch rear screen and a small monochrome front screen which shows the basic information like battery level, time remaining and setting.

The Hero 7 Black is available in a new dusk white color from March 2.

GoPro Hero 7-Price

Well not every colored Gopro 7 cost the same.

The Gopro Hero 7 White costs Rs. 29,500. Gopro Hero 7 Silver costs Rs 36,500 and the Gopro Hero 7 Black costs Rs 49,500.

Should I buy GoPro Hero 7 Black?

Now after you have finished reading all the above features and specs of the new Hero 7 Black you come to realize that it is same as the previous camera in terms of outlooks.

The new features are on the inside of this camera named as Hypersmooth for smooth videos. Beside this it has also got timewarp, live streaming and new UI are all welcome too.

If you want to upgrade to Hero 7 Black think of the new features. How can they benefit you.

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