Huawei Ban

Are you a Huawei smartphone user? If Yes then you have probably heard about the Huawei device band by the US government. Many Huawei users have a lot of question in their mind due to Huawei Ban which will all be answered in this article.

Huawei is a giant Chinese company for manufacturing smartphones and networking equipment and supplying Worldwide. Over the past few weeks, the Huawei has been banned by the US government as a national security risk. The ban led to Google and several other companies not working with the Chinese company anymore.

Huawei Ban: Reason Not to Worry

Now as Google has also stopped providing support to Company many people have a fear of losing Android updates for the device. But it is nothing to worry about the devices will still get updates.

SD association Restores Huawei

A few days ago the news about the Huawei been removed from SD association was all over the internet. Again the Huawei users had a fear about not being able to use SD cards in their devices which could be a huge issue.

Huawi SD association

But according to the Huawei representatives, the companies related with the SD association was never outright canceled. He also said that the list was temporarily modified to ensure compliance with the US Department of commerce order.

Even if the SD association unlist Huawei, the Chinese company have its own Nano-Memory card solution used in Huawei P30 Pro which can replace the SD card in future smartphones.

Wi-Fi Alliance and Bluetooth SIG Resumes Huawei Membership

As we have heard the news about SD association unlisting Huawei, news about the Wi-Fi Alliance and Bluetooth SIG dismembering Huawei were reported.

Huawei WiFi Alliance

But now both Wi-Fi Alliance and Bluetooth SIG has resumed the membership with the company. On May 29 all three SD association, Wi-Fi Alliance and Bluetooth SIG restored Huawei in their list with its Brand logo, name on their official website.

Huawei Bluetooth SIG

Now, we have known about the three organization restoring Huawei. Some of the people have a question about the Huawei devices after US Ban. Some of the most asked questions are answered below.

Huawei Ban: Most Asked Questions Answer

  • Will this suspension of Business with Google have an impact on Huawei’s business in China?

– No, their won’t be any impact on Huawei’s business in China due to the suspension of Business with Google because there are still other Chinese apps that can replace the Google Apps.

  • Will this impact on Huawei’s Sale? How much of an impact will this have on CBG’s global business?

– There won’t is a lot of impact on Huawei’s sale. The company will still provide security updates and after sales services to all existing Huawei and Honor phones which are sold or still in global stock.

  • Will this affect the regular use of Huawei phones?

– The products company have sold or are on stock will not be affected. Users will still be able to use their phone normally as they usually would.

  • Will Huawei users be able to enjoy Google services like play store, Google Map, Gmail?

– The exisiting Huawei phones will still be able to enjoy the Google services.

  • Will users be able to update their Google Apps?

– Yes, the Huawei users can still update their Google Apps.

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  • Will Huawei phones receive any Android updates?

– The company will still provide EMUI updates for their devices.

  • Will people be able to update non Google Apps?

– Yes, people can freely update the non Google apps.

  • Will Huawei devices get Android Q update?

– After the Google blocking services to Huawei, the Huawei device does not seems to receive Android Q update later in future.

  • If people reset their Huawei smartphones to factory setting, will it impact on the ability to use Google services in the future?

– No, factory resetting to settings won’t have any impact on ability to use Google services in the future.

  • Can Huawei smartphones receive Google security patches?

– Yes

  • Will Huawei phones yet to be launched be affected by this Ban?

– The existing Huawei phones will still get updates and after-sales services. However, the upcoming Huawei and Honor devices can run on Huawei’s own OS.

  • Does Huawei Ban mean the company will speed up the development and deployment of its own OS?

– Android is open-source and Huawei has contributed a lot for its development and growth around the world. They will still continue to prioritize the development and use of the Android ecosystem.

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