Huawei P30 Pro price drop

Huawei is a giant tech and network industry of China which sells its product worldwide. The latest smartphone from Huawei called the P30 Pro is without a doubt a brilliant device. We can ever see in 2019. Not only the device is capable to capture brilliant images, but the hardware is also powerful. With such powerful hardware P30 Pro is the flagship of 2019.

With greater built quality and design the phone also has a high price. It is sold at $1150 and sold at Rs 120,000 in Nepal. The price for this device is equivalent to the Samsung Galaxy S10+.

Huawei Device Price Drop

But the thing is not normal regarding the price for the Huawei P30 Pro. Over the past few weeks, the company is facing trade-wars with the USA. Huawei is now charged with several cases on stealing American Companies technology and implementing it in their devices. With this charge, the President has now Black-listed the company in the USA. Due to which some renowned company like Google, Qualcomm, Microsoft no longer work with them.

Only banning the Huawei device would not have been a huge issue until Google stopped working with the company. Yes, you heard it right. Google now does not provide any Android updates to the companies device which has been a huge issue for the Chinese company. The company is currently in 90 days trail where they can adjust all the fixes and issues.

Huawei P0 Pro
Samsung Galaxy S10 plus

After this news got blown up the Huawei device are now selling at a way too cheap price. According to the UK most popular smartphone trade site, the Huawei P30 Pro worth $1150 is now sold at $130 with good condition. Whereas the Samsung S10+ is sold with good condition at $650. So this can be a major loss for the company. The heavy price drop is not only seen in this site but the retailers and other online stores have started selling the device at a cheap price with all bills and guarantee too.

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In some of the other second hand selling a website, we can also see the price drop with 90% of its value.

Huawei’s Plan for the US Ban

The huge issue raise for the company when Google stopped working with them. As all the Huawei devices are run by Google’s Android OS. Without it, it can be a huge problem for both the company and the Huawei users.

Although Google has banned the service, Huawei has been working for their own OS for a few years so that they won’t rely on Google. Although their OS has not yet been designed fully it can take some time for the user to experience the new Huawei OS.

Huawei Spokesperson says that we will still provide security updates and aftersales services to all the existing Huawei and Honor devices which is currently in use or on the stock. We are working on providing our users with the best software experience globally. He also adds “we are still confident this situation will be solved fast and we can provide the best technology and products to our customer from all around the world.

This was the current things happening with the Huawei company and its smartphones. Although they won’t be able to use Android any more we expect Huawei to build their own better OS. So, what do you think, will Huawei still rule the Tech market or will fail?

Source and image credit via Forbes

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