Huawei Smartphones to get Android Q update

At a Google I/O 2019 annual developer conference, Google had announced some special features in the upcoming Android Q and also its third beta version.

Before directly diving into the Huawei smartphones to get this update let us know what is Android Q and what are the changes we can see in this update.

Android Q Mean?

Android Q Beta

For those who do not know what Android Q is it is the tenth major release and the 17th version of the Android Operating system from Google. The Android Q is more updated and has lots of features than the present android version.

Google in developer conference also announces that it has new features added but also the privacy and data of the user is more secure now.

Features of Android Q

1. Dark Mode in now Available

Every user has been requesting this mode for a long time and finally, Google seems to hear them. The new Android Q comes with a system-wide dark mode which can be turned ON and OFF via the user from Quick Settings toggle.

2. New theme Option

The best part of owning an Android is getting access to fully customize it according to our wish. Now the Android Q has taken customization to a next level.

In the Beta 1 Developer option, we can change the color of the entire UI. The color option includes default blue, Purple, Black, and Green. Whereas in the Beta 2 new app appears called Pixel Theme which is supposed to have all the customization tools.

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3. Iconic Back Button is Away

The navigation or back button in the Android Q is officially away.

Like the Android Pie which was gesture based seems to be here in Android Q as well. It is swapping it out with a side-swipe gesture.

4. Live Caption is now available in Real time

For a deaf or people with low hearing power, a live caption can be really helpful. Google now shows real-time caption who almost everything like Videos, games and other media. Also, the other best part is that it can be accessed anywhere even in no internet connection.

This feature can be turned on from Android Q’s accessibility settings.

5. Built-in Screen recording

We haven’t seen any built-in screen recorder like in the Apple device in Android phones before. But now Android Q has this feature where a user can record the screen easily without using any third party recording apps.

This feature helps you to record anything in the screen with voice over and visual indicators for your taps in the screen.

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8 Huawei Smartphones to get Android Q Update

So now we have known the features of this update let’s get into the main topic. If you own one of these Huawei phones that you are soon going to experience the new Android Q. The company also says that they will open an application for Beta testing and co-operate with the app developers to check the optimization and compatibility of Android Q.

Android Q smartphones list

The China-based Company Huawei announces that these 8 smartphones will be the first phones to get these updates. The phones are Mate 20, Mate 20 Pro, Mate 20 X, Mate 20 Porsche Edition, Huawei P30, Huawei P30 Pro, Honor V20 and Honor Magic 2.

Apart from this Huawei phones, Google owns the latest device like the Pixel 3a and 3a XL is going to have this update. All the above-mentioned device won’t directly get the Beta 3 version but will slowly work its way there from the Beta 1.

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The Android Q update also comes in other 17 smartphones which you can find HERE.

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