International Shopping In Nepal

Shopping is one of every peoples favourite thing to do. In this 21st Century going out and doing shopping is kind of like old trend. The today’s market has been changed because of online shopping.

People like to get their required things at their door steps rather than walking around the market.

As we know in Nepal also there are many online stores opened till date who are serving people their products. The Nepalese market has a lack of other specialized products.

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We Nepalese see a lots of other unique product in the Internet world but cannot order them as most of them are from international sites like Amazon and Ali-express. So in order to fulfill the wish of people international shopping in Nepal has also been possible through various sites.

Yes, now you can order things from Amazon, Ali-express, Flipkart and many other international sites to your door-step.

International Shopping- How do they work?

Now you may want to know how do they work. Well, this process is similar to our national online shopping sites.

online shopping sites

You just need to visit a site that does this work for you. The site names are given below. All you need to do is provide the link of the product to the site and they will estimate all the expenses for the product to come to Nepal. The expenses include service charge, Tax, VAT etc.

So if you are willing to pay the amount, you need to send the money to them and they will order the product for you.

Steps for Ordering

Steps 1: Head on to any website that does this work for you. In this case I am using iwishbag. Open the website and simply register.

international shopping in nepal

Step 2: After you register, you will see your Dashboard. On the upper right hand side you will see a Create order option. Click on it.

shopping sites

Step 3: After clicking on the option. We will see a window for entering the product link the Country and quantity. Fill all the blank and click on create order request.

international shopping amazon

Step 4: After successfully placing an order it typically takes 24 hours for you to send the Quotes ( Details of all charges and total amount). After you receive the quote you can confirm whether to buy or not.

international shopping

This was the simple steps for ordering this from international sites. The process is some how similar to every other sites.

Now there is not only a single site for this process. Some other international shopping sites in Nepal are listed Below:

International Shopping Sites

Below are the lists of sites in Nepal through which you can perform international shopping.

So what do you think will International shopping be the next trend of shopping in Nepal? Share your thoughts in the comment and if you have any query feel free to ask.

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