Online Shopping in Nepal

As we all know that its the 21st Century and the technology has gone far better than the past. Likewise in terms of shopping technology has also made its rule. Online shopping in Nepal has also started so people buy their stuffs online rather than going to the market.

There are several online stores nowadays in Nepal too that you can find stores for clothing, fashion, foods and many more. The good thing about it is that we donot need to go anywhere else but just stay infront of our devices and order whatever we want that comes to our door-step.

Some of you might be thinking that it may have a complicated process to order anything but there are only few things you will need.

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Online Shopping in Nepal- Requirement

Online shopping is all possible due to help of e-commerce to big thanks to it. It is not a complicated process to order things online all you need is your basic information like Name, Address, number and Email. With just this few things you are ready to go and but things online.

After you have all this information you need a website for making a order. Now there are many sites but I myself use multi-products sites which contains no only a particular products but handful of products like Clothing, Home decor, Tools and many more.

Multi-product Sites in Nepal

Now this are all the best sites for multi-product I prefer. You just need to head over to their website and signup for an account with all your basic information.

Shopping Online in Nepal

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Step 1: For this time i am using At first head over to their website.

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Step 2- Click on the signup button on the upper right hand side.

Step 3- After you enter the signup page you will see a window pop-out like this. Fill in the box with all the information asked.

Step 4- After successfully creating an account you are now ready to place your first order. Select a product you want to order and open it.

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Step 5- Once you open your product you want to click on the place order button and it shows the total cost for the product including VAT. If you wanna confirm it click the order button.

The payment option for this sites are Cash on delivery, Esewa and Bank transfer

The product gets delivered to the location which you have entered in the signup form.

So, this was the pretty easy steps to order something online in Nepal. With the growing interest in online shopping in Nepal it is good to learn about the process so hope it will be helpful for you guys out there.

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