PUBG Mobile Upcoming Features

PUBG is one of the top rated battle royale game of this era in the Google play store. For those who donot what PUBG is really about- it starts with dropping 99 players in a island and the one who is able to survive till the end by killing other wins the game.

This game is an addictive and most game to play on the phone. For those who are playing this game may have already known that it has received its Season 6 update which includes Dynamic weather to Miramar and Erangel and also a new vehicle to Sanhok Map.

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PUBG mobile upcoming features

The PUBG mobile 0.12.0 is now available in beta and has got many features. Yet the update is still in beta and will soon be available globally.

So lets see the new features that will comes in the new PUBG update.

pubg mobile update

The very first feature is that the Zombie Event mode has been replaced with Mugen Space/infinity. It has also got a new mode called Darkest night where the player needs to survive the wave of zombie throughout the night. The one to make till the dawn wins the battle.

PUBG corporation has made a improvement in the Zombie development. Now the zombie can jump, are smarter, can climb walla and roofs. The zombie dog is now able to attack the players during the match.

They have also added a Liquid Nitrogen Grenade that are supposed to freeze the zombie for a while. Beside this all new features they have also slightly made an improvement in the gameplay of this game.

PUBG Upcoming Updates Official Note

  • New infinity mode: The infinity mode is where the players are supposed to fight zombies all night and the one to make till the dawn wins.
  • New Features: Event mode is replaced by Mugen space/infinity.
  • Companion System: Now the player are able to take companion with them to battle which wont be seen by the enemies. Earn the companion EXP and unlock Companion emotes.
  • Other Improvement: Liquid nitrogen Grenade added which freezes Zombie and zombie dogs. Stuns Grenade now works on Zombies too. Flame thrower now has a increased damage rate. Zombie can now jump, climb roofs and walls.
  • Minor Bug Fixes: Door display fix, players stuck in a certain room area fixed, when equipping certain headgear hairs were not properly display has been fixed, season 6 pants caused graphics glitch fixed.


So these were the PUBG mobile upcoming updates in 0.12.0 version. PUBG corporation has also announced Prime and Prime plus subscription where players can earn daily UC daily.

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