Ransomware Attack

A computer virus is one of the Hatest things for every gadget users. It does not only harms our computer system but also damages or even encrypts our important files. Besides viruses, a ransomware attack is also being popular this day.

Ransomware is similar to computer virus but it does not only harms the system but also locks your every computer files and cannot be opened till you pay for it. So sounds terrible, Right?

Ransomware Definition

Ransomware is malicious software that encrypts the user data, shows un-wanted ads and threatens the user to publish their data till they get paid.

Ransomware mainly gets inside the system through internet surfing and un-secure downloads. It is very important to get your computer rid of this problem as sometimes it can also make all your data visible to others.

Common Type of Ransomware

There are mainly two type of Ransomware they are:

1. CRYPTO Ransomware

Firstly this ransomware slowly infiltrates the user data and encrypts the valuable files and documents and when everything gets locked it asks the user to pay for the ransom. Until the user does not pay for it they lose the file to open.

2. LOCKER Ransomware

Locker Ransomware is more dangerous than the CRYPTO. If you are attacked by this malware you cannot access your device. It only gives the user few capabilities like interacting with the attacker and pay them.

So, up to know you may think that it can be a dreadful malware for your PC. Now all you wanna do is keep your system protected from this type of malware. Below are some of the ways by which you can secure your system from Ransomware Attack.

Ransomware Protection

1. Never download Softwares from Unauthorized Websites

Downloading software and other things from an unauthorized site can make you face this trouble. If you happen to download anything from such site then make sure you have your Windows Defender and Antivirus Active.

2. Always make your Antivirus Active

Making your Antivirus active is very important. It is recommended to use a paid antivirus rather than a free one. Also, make sure your Antivirus is updated so that it can get the latest malware details.

Message from the Attacker

3. Scan any Removable Device and Sytem Regularly

Before injecting any removable media like the pen drive, External HDD makes sure you scan them before opening it.

Sometimes this types of media also contain virus which gets into from another computer so better scan it first.

3. Secure your Browsing

Besides securing your system, securing your browsers like Chrome, Opera and Firefox are also equally important. Many Antivirus comes with these features which notify if the website is harmful to open.

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4. Windows Defender is also Important

Some people forget about the windows defender. It is also best for being protected.

During downloads, many sites request the user to deactivate the windows defender for a certain time. If you find yourself being asked never follow them just close such request. So make sure the defender is always guarding your PC.

5. Create a Restore Point or Backup

Creating a restore point or a backup can be extremely useful in case you get affected by such malware. I recommend making a restore point once every one week so you can restore any of your lost data.

Instead of the restore point, you can also make a backup of your data. You can create a backup in separate external hard-disk drive or pen drive as well. Also, be sure you make it personal as sharing it with others can transfer the virus into your system.

6. Never Open Spam Emails

You can also get a ransomware attack through emails. Many attackers nowadays send the link which looks normal but contains malware in it.

If you find any mail to be unusual just delete it, also never open the mail in the spam folder in Gmail.

7. Never pay the Ransom

At the last, if you happen to be in Ransomware attack they will ask for money so that they can decrypt your tool.

It is still not sure that they will provide you your data once you pay them. So never trust such attackers. Paying these attackers will only motivate them for more attacks.

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A ransomware attack can be full of stress, so following the above steps can help your system be protected from this malware and keep your data safe. There are also many ransomware decryptor tools on the internet which works for a few malware. If you have any problem regarding this contact us or comment below.

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