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Back in the old day’s Smartphones did not use to have a high Megapixels Camera Lens. As a result, getting a detailed image quality was a hard thing. But now things have changed a lot, every Smartphone company are struggling to provide phones with higher Megapixels.

We have seen many smartphones from Redmi in the market. The Redmi Note 7 and Note 7 Pro with a 48 MP Primary Lens may be the best camera from the company till date. Now the company is planning to soon launch 64 MP Camera Lens that could beat camera specs of every other flagship smartphones.

Redmi Teases 64 MP Lens Samples

If you are technology freak then you might have known that Samsung and Realme are also working on this camera Lens. However, these two company may announce the lens later this year. Redmi could be announcing it quicker. So, the question arises will the Redmi be World’s First Company to introduce 64 MP Lens?

Redmi has also shared a sample image taken from the 64 MP Camera in the Chinese social site Weibo. The images zoom into the cat to show the perfect crisp details. And yes the image looks awesome with clear detail.


The rumors about the 64 MP Lens has been on the internet since June. Some terms like ’64 MP Ultra-Pixel Mode’ and ’64 MP Dual Camera’ was already spotted in MIUI Camera App which showed Redmi could be working on it. In fact, Redmi could be using Samsung’s 64 MP ISOCELL Bright GW1 Sensor which is also able to capture 16 MP low-light images through Samsung’s tetra cell technology.

More Details Redmi may be working on a new phone that may feature 64 MP camera

So as per the rumors, this is all the details we got about the Redmi’s 64 MP Camera. This could be a huge step for Redmi after being recently split with Xiaomi. Redmi has now been well recognized as a successful brand all over the world special thanks to Redmi K20 Series and Redmi Note series which are a valuable phone under a great price.

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