Samsung New Invention

Samsung a Korean smartphone manufacturing giant brand is a world’s leading company in Technology. The Company is the number one seller to sale the highest number of Smartphone units all over the world.

With the launch of the Galaxy S10+ which is the most powerful device from the company till date, they seem to take the tech industry far away. Now the Company is working on a chipset that can support up to 100 W fast charging which can be incredible.

Samsung New Chip to Support 100W Fast Charging

While every smartphone manufacturers trying to upgrade their product’s charging speed, the global leading smartphone company and Korean tech giants Samsung have unveiled their new power delivery (PD) chips named SE8A and MM101 with Type-c ports. Both of them feature built-in embedded Flash that allows for future firmware modifications and has the capacity to supply 100 watts of power to devices such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, and monitors.

Along with fast charging, another priority of these new chips is security as they will be having USB-PD 3.0 for effectively managing charging speed and establishing the use of certified-only charging products in the case of SE8A. SE8A also features an EAL5+ grade Secure Element for extra protection of sensitive information handling and security key storage whereas MM101 is supported by its AES encryption algorithm combined with moisture sensing capabilities that stop charging to prevent any possible shocks.

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The announcement of 100 W fast Charging is nothing new as many other companies have tried it and also got close to the point. Xiaomi also releases its own 100W fast charging technology in Mi Mix 4. The company also announced that fast charging can charge 4000 mAh from 0% to 50% in just seven minutes and 0% to 100% in 17 minutes. While several other companies like Oppo’s SuperVOOC delivers 55W charging.

Samsung’s s10 series had 15w fast charging and 25w on Galaxy A Series while Huawei’s upcoming Mate X foldable phones will be having 55w fast charging. With Samsung already starting the mass production of these chips and sampling them with their clients, Samsung’s upcoming flagship smartphone Note 10 has a high probability of getting these chips and 100w fast charging ability.

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