samsung exynos 9825

Samsung a tech giant company is well known for making the best smartphones in the world. Besides making Smartphone they also make electronic items. Unlike other company use different chipset in its smartphones, Samsung uses its own Exynos processor in most of their phones.

Now Samsung has released new chipset Exynos 9825 which could soon be officially launched. We all have heard the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series soon launching. Several reports about this upcoming phone have been all over the internet. The benchmark of Note 10 shows that it will be powered by Exynos 9825 processor which is a huge improvement over the Exynos 9820.

Samsung Exynos 9825

Now Samsung Exynos has posted a short teaser video on their official twitter account about the Exynos Processor. The video includes words like “evolved”, “intelligent processor”, “next-level” which creates a lot of curiosity among the people.

Talking about the processor itself, it is a huge improvement over the Exynos 9820. The new chipset will be a 7nm chipset whereas the Exynos 9820 was 8nm. That definitely means it will be more powerful than 9820. With this new processor, we can expect better battery life, improved performance, etc. Also, the 9825 is made for the 5G system which could be soon released in the coming future.

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So this was the overall detail about the Exynos 9825. Will the Note 10 series have this chipset installed? Well, we cannot take any rumors or report as solid until we hear the official news. If the Note 10 series comes with Exynos 9825 will it be better than Galaxy S10 series? That is something to compare when we have Note 10 officially launched. Stay updated with us for more tech updates.

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