samsung A50

Samsung has finally announced its new mid-range phone Samsung A50.Thisime samsung has provided a phone with triple rear camera, a finger print sensor at a cheap price. But let us see is this phone price worthy?

Samsung A50 full Review

At the present the samsung’s foldable phone and the s10 has a pretty good fanfare. Samsung has announced this phone during the MWC 2019, but during this time samsung has announced their new phone A50.

Although everyone is waiting for the launch of S10 not everyone will be able to buy it but for a mid-range A50 can also be a great choice for them.

Specifications and Features

Despite being a lot cheaper than the S10 the A50 has a 6.5 inches long super amoled display with Full HD+ resolution.

A big colorful screen is one of the features of the Samsung A50. This device is paired with 4 and 16 Gb RAM with 64 and 128 Gb storage and a high end processor in the form of Exynos 9610.

There is also a microsd card slot which can handle upto 512 GB storage.
The A50 has got a 4000mah battery

Finally the best feature of this galaxy A50 is the camera. Samsung has provided three rear camera and a front selfie camera.

The front camera is the 25 mega pixel lens whereas the rear camera has got 25 mp camera flanked with 8 mp wide-angle option and 5 mp sensor for live focus.

Also comparing the A50 with the A30 the new A50 can record 4k videos too.

Samsung A50 Build and Design

Samsung has provided a teardrop or water drop around the camera.

It does ot really affects the screen but if its your first time with the teardrop than you will take some time to get used to it.

Samsung has not provided a glass back cover but plastic instead but the plastic also feels sleek and has a premium quality. By using the plastic the weight of the phone is not too many and is only 7mm thick.

This phone comes in black, white, blue and coral color.


Now price is the important for a consumer. As samsung has announced the A50 as a mid-range phone its not going to be expensive as the galaxy S10.

As predicted the price of the samsung A50 can go around 30,000-40,000 Nepalese rupees.

The price is quite decent with this brilliant specs and features samsung has provided.

Should I buy Samsung A50?

For the people out there trying to buying a mid-range android phone, i would recommend buying the A50 with this brilliant specs which can handle overall daily activities and also some heavy gaming too.

But for those who have a high budget can wait until the launch of the samsung S10.

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