Samsung Galaxy Fold Display

Foldable smartphones are the future in technology. The two company Huawei and Samsung who have currently launched their foldable phone are one of the futures of smartphones.

Huawei Mate X which was announced at the first, then the Galaxy Fold was Launched. It has been a few days since Galaxy Fold is launched and it already seems fragile.

The Samsung Galaxy folds future looks fragile as the famous tech reviewers like The Verge, MKBHD, Steve Kovach of CNBC and Mark Gurman of Bloomberg have complained about the device screen in terms of durability. Not only the reviewers but other people have also tweeted a lot about the screen problem.

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Samsung Galaxy Fold Display Problem

The very first issue was due to the plastic film. Whenever we buy a new smartphone it comes with a protective film in order to protect the screen. Likewise in the Galaxy Fold, it had the same plastic film. But it was meant to be a part of the device rather than just a temporary seal.

While launching the Galaxy Fold the device was provided to many reviewers to review. But the warning notice was not included at the box for them. As a result, they peeled off the film which resulted in the useless screen.

Not only the device was useless by removing the film. But also by getting some dust or pebbles from the back of the device. Yes, you heard it right.

At the back of the Galaxy Fold is a small gap just underneath the plastic coating. Through which small dust can enter can cause a bump in the screen. The same problem was faced by The Verge.

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According to The Verge they had a small bump in the display. The cause for it was due to molding clay which they use for the Video shoot got inside the display through the same gap.

After the News about the Samsung Galaxy Fold, display issue got viral Samsung released a statement and processed to find and fix the problem. Samsung now provides a warning to all retail buyers on not to peel off the protective film.

galaxy Fold Breaks

It can be a shame for such an expensive device which costs over $2000 to have a display issue. But as it is the first foldable phone and the future of smartphone some errors and defect are common to be present. Will Samsung Pause the sells of the Galaxy Fold and firstly solve the issue?

So what do you think if you were to buy a foldable phone would it be the Huawei Mate X or the Samsung Galaxy Fold?

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