Galaxy S10 Face Unlock

Samsung has just announced its new smartphone and the best of Samsung till now, the Samsung Galaxy S10. This phone might be the best smartphone for the Samsung users but if you give priority to your privacy than Galaxy S10 can lack it.

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Yes, you heard it right, the galaxy S10 face unlock can be easily fooled via a digital photo or even similar looking people.

Lewis Hilsenteger from the Unbox Therapy channel proved the Samsung galaxy face unlock can be fooled just by showing his own face from his video by using another phone. Not only him but several other creators like The Verge have also proved it.


Not only the photo or video can fool the system but family resemblance is enough to unlock the phone.

Jane Wong of the social app teardown fame was able to unlock her brother Galaxy S10 by her face.

The company has provided a default faster recognition mode. It clearly says that it can reduce the security of the unlock system.

So, this is the major issue for the Samsung users. Though it can be solved by turning off the faster recognition mode. It is still a issue the company needs to fix.

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